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“No Tinc Paraules”

It means I have no words in Catalan. This book started the book series Libros para niños (books for kids) of the publishing house Media Vaca in 1998. True to its title, this book has no text and every reader gives the meaning to the images before his/her very eyes. It was part of the White Ravens 2000 selection and the Banco del Libro de Venezuela (in 2000), and the Salon du Livre de Jeunesse de Montreuil (in 2001) also included it among their selection of the best books. In 2016, No Tinc Paraules was featured as the book of 1998 at the 50th anniversary’s commemorative exhibition of the Bologna Children’s Book Fair, Artists and Masterpieces of Illustration.


In 2004, when the educational services of Fundació Caixa de Catalunya asked me for a proposal for its website, the book became animation with a tribute to La Pedrera, the Gaudi’s symbolic building which is owned by this bank nowadays.