Mural at St. Christopher’s Inns Barcelona

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In August 2012, a hostel of the British chain St. Cristopher’s Inns opened its doors in the downtown of Barcelona. Every floor has murals showing topics of the city made by different artists.

I worked on the 2nd floor, and all along 105 meters I created a gallery of characters deeply linked to my town, like the 20′s union leader Salvador Seguí, “El Noi del Sucre”, the dancer Carmen Amaya, the poet Joan Brossa, the painters Picasso and Santiago Rusiñol, the soccer players Kubala and Zamora, the popular Ramblas’ freak La Monyos, the poet and boxer Arthur Cravan, the jazz pianist Tete Montoliu, the biologist Jordi Sabater Pi (the man who found Floquet de Neu, the famous white gorilla, in the Guinean jungle ) or Tania Doris, a popular music hall star and a sex-symbol in the late 60′s.

Some other people couldn’t be included in the list because of some changes in the space design at the last moment. Among them, the father of the so called Rumba Catalana José González “El Pescadilla” and his heir, el Gato Pérez, as well as the great writer Mercè Rodoreda or Escamillo, an old legend of El Molino, the most well-known Music Hall theatre in the city.

Brosmind (3d floor) , Danger Bainger (4th floor), Milimbo (5th floor) and Amaya Arrazola (6th floor) have been my partners in this project.

“La Pepa”

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18+12 starts in the ABC Museum of Madrid on March 12th . 18+12 is an exhibition that shows the view of 30 illustrators about the 1812 Spanish Constitution, also known as “La Pepa” ( “Josephine”) because it was voted on March 19th, Saint Joseph’s Day.

It was a quite democratic constitution according to the standards of such times. It run as far as the King, Ferdinand VII, could get enough strenght to restablish the absolute monarchy, meanwhile his supporters shouted “Long life to the chains!”.

Below is my contribution to this event, besides of Juan Acevedo, Ajubel, Pablo Amargo, Anna Anjos, Elisa Arguilé, Pablo Auladell, Paz Boïra, Cintia Bolio, Calatayud, Mariana Chiesa, Devoner, Isidro Ferrer, Gallardo, Ana Juan, Keko, Liniers, Alejandro Magallanes, Victoria Martos, Max, Micharmut, Flavio Morais, Ombú, Laura Pérez Vernetti, powerpaola, Sonia Pulido, Rodrigo Salinas, Carmen Segovia, Fernando Vicente and Noemí Villamuza.

Like livestock

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About the Labor Reform Law in te right-winger paper El Mundo ( January 16, 2012).


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I have created some characters for FLIC!, a festival about children books. FLIC! is an event organized by Tantàgora.


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“To watch, to hear and don’t be silent” an image for the movement Democacia Real, the begginers of the 15M struggles.